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Autumn in the City

Piper Grant moves to New York for a fresh start and to find her career passion. As she bounces between different exciting temp jobs that take her all over the city, she meets Austin Edwards, an aspiring writer. While Piper’s sunny optimism is at odds with Austin’s jaded personality, the magic of the autumn season soon brings them closer together. When Piper realizes her true passion is illustration, they decide to team up on a children’s book project, and in the process, they discover the thing they’re really searching for might be each other.
Duration: 84m
Genres: Romance, TV Movie, Comedy
Casts: Kurt Evans, Laura Soltis, Karolina Cubitt, Josh Chambers, Theresa Wong, Vincent Gale, Brittany-Ellen Willacy, Ingrid Tesch, Adam Beauchesne, Evan Roderick
Country: United States of America, Canada