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Message and the Messenger

Jessica Clark starts a business with no plan, no money, and no integrity. She is convinced that God will bless her business solely because she faithfully pays tithes and offerings to her church. Jessica, like other members of Abundant Life Cathedral, is experiencing hard times and have yet to receive the financial blessings so passionately promised by her pastor. After witnessing Jessica's dysfunction, delusion, and doctrinal detriment, successful businessman, Michael Juniors, offers to help. Although Jessica deems Michael to be a "demon from hell," he ironically proves to be her blessing and ultimately helps Jessica see God, life, love, and business in the perfect light.
Duration: 114m
Genres: Drama
Casts: Dominique Perry, Mariah Goodie, Jaies Baptiste, Amelia Jeffries, Benny L Andrews Jr., Shelton Jolivette, Tabitha Myles, Nathalie Martin, John Pyles II, Caleb Dean
Country: United States of America