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Dr Lucinda Edwards is a smart, battle-hardened doctor, but we meet her on a nightmare shift that ends in the death of an opioid overdose victim, Edith Owusu. Despite the support of her medical supervisor, Dr Leo Harris, Edith’s grieving father Sir Anthony Owusu demands an investigation into Lucinda’s actions on the fateful night. Leading the inquiry are Dr Norma Callahan and Lucinda’s former colleague, Dr George Adjei. While George feels this was an unavoidable tragedy, Norma is suspicious of Lucinda’s behaviour and decisions in the lead up to Edith’s death. As the pressure of the investigation intensifies, Lucinda’s relationship with husband Tom starts to fracture, and her confident professional exterior begins to crack. Is Lucinda hiding something? Through the cat and mouse thriller of the medical investigation, Malpractice tells the story of a damaged doctor caught up in a dangerous conspiracy.
Duration: 45m
Genres: Drama
Casts: Niamh Algar, Lorne MacFadyen, Scott Chambers, Priyanka Patel, Ash Tandon, Daniel Larkai, Douglas Hansell, Adei Bundy,
Country: United Kingdom